The James and Kimberly Currie Foundation provides grants to 501(c)(3) organizations for the purpose of
promoting education, suporting culture, social welfare, sports and community beautification.

All grant applications are reviewed by the Foundation's Board of Directors. The following general
guidlines are used in considering the merits of each application.

                          1.      Benefit to the community.
                          2.      Capability of the organization and it's personnel.
                          3.      Cooperation with other organizations in same field.
                          4.      Likelihood of meaningful impact from use of grant funds.
                          5.      Other sources of support available to the applicant.

Grants will only be made where there is demonstrated fiscal responsibility on the part of the
applicant organization. At the descretion of the Foundation's board of Directors, periodic reports showing
use of the funds may be required as a condition of making any grant.

Equipment purchased with funds from grants becomes the property of the organization to which
the grant was made, provided such equipment is not diverted from the purpose of the grant while the
project is in progress.

All grants will be made in accordance with the laws governing private foundations to
organizations property classified by the Internal Revenue Service as being eligible to receive grants.

If between the time of making a grant and the payment(s) thereof any event of a substantial
nature changes the grant seeker's organizational structure, operations, tax or legal status or competitive
environment, the Foundation may, at its sole discretion, advance, postpone, reschedule or cancel any
future payment.

Grant requests must be submitted on our grant application form located on the main page of our website.
All grant applications must include the following required attachments:

                          1.      List of applicant organization's governing body and officers.
                          2.      Copy of the organization's IRS tax exempt status letter.
                          3.      Itemized project budget (including supporting documents, such as quotes for materials).

The Foundation reserves the right to request additional information from any applicant, including
information about the organization, the proposed project, financial details, etc. before or after grant
. A site visit may also be requested.

The Foundation will notify applicants in writing as soon as possible after a final decision has been
made on each grant request.

1. Statement:
JKCF as a policy does not award grants directly to any religious or
political groups or organizations, e.g. Churches, Political parties, etc.)

2. The JKCF does not award grants to:
Religious organization
Political groups
Political parties
Political organization