Please provide the following information in this order. Use the heading, subheadings, and numbers
provided in your own word processing format, thus leaving flexibility for length of response.

         A. NARRATIVE
              1. Executive Summary
                        Begin with a half page executive summary. Briefly explain why your agency is requesting this
                           grant, what outcomes you hope to achieve, and how you will spend the funds if the grant is
              2. Purpose of Grant
                        Statement of needs/problems to be addressed; description of target population and how they
                           will benefit.
                        Description of project goals, measurable objectives, action plans, and statement as to whether
                           this is a new or ongoing part of the sponsoring organization.
                        Timetable for implementation.
                        Who are the other partners in the project and what are their roles?
                        Acknowledge similar existing projects or agencies, if any, and explain how your agency or
                           proposal differs, and what effort will be made to work cooperatively.
                        Describe the active involvement of the constituents in defining problems to be addressed,
                           making policy, and planning the program.
                        Describe the qualifications of key staff and volunteers that will ensure the success of
                           the program. Are there specific staff training needs for this project?
                        Long-term strategies for funding this project at end of grant period.
              3. Evaluation
                        Plans for evaluation including how success will be defined and measured.
                        How evaluation results will be used and/or disseminated and, if appropriate, how the
                           project will be replicated.
                        Describe the active involvement of constituents in evaluating the program.
              4. Budget Narrative/Justification
                        On a separate sheet, show how each budget item relates to the project and how the
                           budgeted amount was calculated.
                        List amounts requested of other foundations, corporations,and other funding sources
                           to which this proposal has been submitted.
                        In the event that we are unable to meet your full request, please indicate priority items
                           in the proposed grant budget.
              5. Organization Information
                        Brief summary of organization's history.
                        Brief statement of organization's mission and goals.
                        Description of current programs, activities and accomplishments.
                        Organizational chart, including board, staff and volunteer involvement.

              1.    A copy of the current IRS determination letter indication 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.
              2.    List of Board of Directors with affiliations.
              3.    Finances.
                        Organization's current annual operating budget, including expenses and revenue.
              4.    Letters of support should verify project need and collaboration with other organizations. (Optional)
              5.    Annual report, if available.